What age are MagnaTECH appropriate for?

MagnaTECH is tested for age 3 and above. Children and adults of all ages love them. They captivate your mind and inspire your imaginations no matter how old you are!

What makes MagnaTECH different from other magnetic building tiles/blocks?

MagnaTECH are original, premium magnetic building tiles. You’ll instantly notice the Strong magnets, high quality of the plastic, the vibrancy of the colors and how the magnets firmly “click” together. Each shape contains either top-quality ceramic magnets or rotating Rare Earth Neodymium magnets. Safety is our number one priority, that’s why each and every magnet is held safe and secure inside Sonic welded, BPA free, ABS plastic. Ongoing safety tests guarantee each MagnaTECH product is safe for children ages 3 and up.

How long will my MagnaTECH last?

Under normal use, MagnaTECH is durable and built to last for years!


Are MagnaTECH safe?

Yes, the high-quality magnets are safely secured inside each tile. MagnaTECH exceed all applicable safety standards. They are CE and G-Mark certified.

What kind of plastic is used to make MagnaTECH?

MagnaTECH is made with food-grade ABS (BPA FREE) plastic. They are free of phthalates and latex and do not contain any toxic materials.

What type of magnets are used in MagnaTECH?

MagnaTECH is made with ceramic magnets.


Where can I purchase MagnaTECH in Qatar?

MagnaTech sets can be purched from our online shop.

Where can I purchase MagnaTECH outside of Qatar?

MagnaTECH is currently available only in Qatar through our online store. However; if you would like to purchase a set to be shipped outside of Qatar. please contact us by e-mail or direct message in Instagram.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, please contact us to submit a Purchase Order. Don’t forget to ask for our educator’s discount!

Use & Care

Is an instruction guide included?

MagnaTECH is open-ended toys that encourage imaginative free play. We don’t include instructions because our goal is to encourage children to think, explore and create anything they can imagine! However, we do provide a free inspiration book inside the set.

We also post activities and inspirations on our Instagram and Facebook. Follow us @Magnatech..qa and check out our #MagnaTECH creations!

Are MagnaTECH waterproof?

MagnaTECH are not waterproof. If immersed, the magnets may rust. If water does get inside of your tiles, we recommend standing them up against a wall and allowing them to drain and dry.

How do I clean my MagnaTECH?

To clean your MagnaTECH tiles, we recommend wiping them off with a wet cloth. Do not immerse MagnaTECH tiles in water; they are not waterproof (see above).


Which set do you recommend for a 3-year-old?

The MagnaTECH 62-Piece is the perfect starter sets for a Magna-Maker of any age. They have enough pieces to learn about shapes and start building anything a 3-year-old can imagine!

Which set do you recommend for a family or classroom?

The MagnaTECH 129-Piece set and the MagnaTECH 183-Piece set have plenty of pieces for a family or classroom to share.

Which set do you recommend as a gift?

The MagnaTECH 183-Piece set makes a great gift! It includes special pieces like a dome, ferris wheel that are exclusive to this set. This set is perfect for age 6 and up.